One design to rule them all.

All Nuevepies billiard tables are built on the same solid foundation and designed to guarantee a perfect game.

Choose your style of play.

Our tables are custom-built to play your billiard game of choice: pool or carom.

A precision machine.

Internal construction.

Solid wood rectified in CNC to achieve a perfect planimetry, maintaining the essence of traditional billiard table construction.

Perfect stability

Steel perimeter frame.

Unmatched precision.

High density 30mm thick slate from Beasain (Basque Country), diamond cut to achieve perfect roll.

On balance.

Solid wood legs with a precision manual adjustment system and a spherical support point for exact leveling. Floor support built from solid aluminum.

Fully equipped.

Perfect bounce.

Professional Kleber rails that guarantee a perfect bounce and excellent durability. Fixed to the frame by a demountable mechanical connection.

Acoustic comfort.

Noise-reducing embrasures and cribs for elastomer-injected balls.

Quick play.

Professional Gorina® Granite M cloth offering superior durability and a smoother, faster game.

Integrated electronics system.

With a power switch, LED lighting, game reset, and automatic shut-off.

Accessories drawer.

Fully-extractable drawer with automatic opening and Blum rails. Contains 4 two-piece cues, a set of Super Aramith Pro balls, a rack, and a box to store the chalk and cloth brush.

Professional Cues.

Manufactured by hand, made to match the finish of the table and has with tips made of natural maple wood.

Sights optional.


Measurements: 292 x 165 x 76 cm (Length x Width x Height)

(Inches: 115"x65"x30")

Recommended minimum play area: 500 x 400 cm

(Inches: 197"x158")