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For players and dreamers. The most beautiful billiard tables in the world. Precision. Elegance. Grace. Discover the Collection.

State of the art.

For players.

For dreamers.


Creative Direction: Pepa Reverter, FELICES Agency
Photography: Dayron Vera
Collaborators: Corella Dance Academy, Carles Fiestas, Estudio Rafael Vargas

Dayron Vera is the photographer for the first ever Nuevepies campaign, a remarkable artist with a one-of-a-kind perspective. As an elite ballet dancer, Vera formed part of the Cuban National Ballet before relocating to Spain, where his talents took him to Madrid with Victor Ullate and later to Barcelona with the Corella Dance Academy. It was through his career in dance that he discovered his passion for photography, capturing beautiful portraits of his fellow dancers as they trained and performed.

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