Limited Edition.


Pepa Reverter.

The Modernist spirit of the 19th century materialized with 21st century technology.
Limited edition of 9 units.


Truly exclusive.

3D-Printing by Adaequo.
Satin lacquered finish.
Gorina cloth in gold.

Past, present, and future.

Pepa Reverter is an artist who wants to live in a kinder and better world, consciously creating work and seeking out collaborators that inspire us to do just that. She studied printmaking at the Llotja School of Applied Arts, has a degree from the Barcelona Faculty of Fine Art, and a Masters in TV and Video production from Universitat Politècnica Barcelona. An academic journey from the most ancient forms of communication to the most modern, linked together by the need to make sense of the world through art and stories.

She has worked as a visual artist, illustrator, and frequently collaborates with her partner, powerhouse creative director Ramón Úbeda. Her ability to switch between and fuse mediums lends her work a distinct substance and depth. Thought-provoking, exuberantly joyful, with a fierce feminine energy, and at times ethereal and delicate.

In this work for Nuevepies, Pepa recovers her passion for sculpture with the modernist characteristics of a beauty and femininity pertaining to past centuries. The delicate hands of the master artisan gave shape to the pieces, are created with the latest 3D printing technology, projecting us into the future. Limited edition of 9 units.

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